Part of Speech Poem     Name_____________________________________


Line 1: NOUN – whatever the poem is going to be about


Line 2: 3 ADJECTIVES separated with commas that describes line 1.


Line 3: (3x) VERB ending in “–ing” and ADVERB describing what line 1 does and separated with commas.

Ex: running quickly, jumping fluidly, racing urgently


Line 4: 3 PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES – separated with commas


Line 5: INTERJECTION written with either an (!) or nothing if not as strong


Line 6: Free line with at least one PRONOUN in it


Line 7: Free line with at least one CONJUNCTION in it


Line 8: NOUN write a synonym (word that means the same thing) for the noun in line 1.




Cold, Square, Grey

Waiting patently, Resting idoly, Longing hopefully

In the basement, Under the TV, For anyone


It wants to be played

Won’t someone mash and smash the buttons?




LINE 1: ________________________________________________________________


LINE 2: ________________________________________________________________


LINE 3: ________________________________________________________________


LINE 4: ________________________________________________________________


LINE 5: ________________________________________________________________


LINE 6: ________________________________________________________________


LINE 7: ________________________________________________________________


LINE 8: ________________________________________________________________